The Nissan Juke’s Two Wheel Challenge

New Nissan Juke Goodwood Festival

New Nissan Juke - Two Wheel Up-hill Challenge (via

Yesterday I brought you a few pictures of the first day of the Goodwood Festival of speed. We have more to come from the rest of the festival, and things get more interesting as the weekend goes on.

One of the cars that we saw yesterday was the New Nissan Juke being exhibited and attracting quite a lot of attention. It’s a vehicle that has turned into a great success for Nissan since it’s launch, and they have decided to demonstrate the agility and maneuverability of the compact CUV in Goodwood’s famous hill climb challenge.

However, the Nissan Juke will not be going for the regular record (as it would most definitely lose) but instead it’s going to be attempting the daring feat of completing the entire course driving on just two wheels.

Professional stunt driver Terry Grant will be attempting to tame the Nissan Juke into completing the challenge, as well as attempting a second record in which he will drive the New Nissan LEAF up the hill climb course in reverse! The Nissan LEAF is well equipped for this challenge as it has the ability to reach the same speed going forward or in reverse!

Check back soon for updates on how Grant gets on with achieving the two records and to see whether or not the Nissan Juke survives this challenge!


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